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Mr. Knife is your one stop shop for all of your Canadian Knife needs. Whether you're in the market for knives, folding knives, fixed blade knives, cold steel knives or really any good quality, fun knives, Mr. Knife has you covered. The knives at Mr. Knife are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. We're especially proud of our selection of folding knives and fixed blade knives. Take a look through our website to find the highest quality knives on the Canadian market. Select from a variety of knife brands including, Cold Steel, SOG, Kershaw Canada and Ontario Knife Company. You won't go wrong if you choose Mr. Knife as your knife supplier.

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Mr. Knife has a tradition of bring the highest quality Canadian knives to you at a respectable price. We value our customers and consider ourselves to be knife specialists, so we know a quality knife when we see it and are always excited to bring new products to our warehouse. Not only do we guarantee the quality of our knives, but we also guarantee the lowest prices for our knives in Canada. It's easy to see why Mr. Knife is quickly becoming the number one Canadian knife wholesaler.

The team here at Mr. Knife is giddy about knives. Every time we get a new shipment of knives in stock, you see a crowd of our employees huddled around the boxes, like kids at christmas, just waiting to check out the new features on a given knife. This is what we mean when we say that we not only sell knives, we use them ourselves too. The gang at Mr. Knife are a seasoned group of hunters and military men. So as you can guess, we know our knives. We have a variety of knife specialist. We have folding and pocket knife specialists, military grade knife specialists, outdoors and fishing or hunting knife specialists and even culinary knife specialists. All of our staff is committed to delivering you the proper knife within a timeframe that suits your needs.

We mentioned earlier that we guarantee the quality of our knives. We're very proud of this guarantee and we feel that our love of knives is reflected in the selection that we have to offer you. We wouldn't dare carry a sub-par knife. That's why we present you with recognizable, proven brand names of knives like SOG, Cold Steel, Ontario Knife Company and Kershaw Canada. But why stop there? We're a one-stop shop remember. We also offer a huge selection of products from well known knife manufacturers such as Benchman, Gerber, United Cutlery, Jonard, Ridge Runner, Kit Rae, Smith & Wesson, CRKT, Avalanche, Tomahawk, Gil Hibben and many many more. The depth of our brands at Mr. Knife is just too great to list. The only way you'll be able to truly understand what we have to offer is by browsing through our online selection. So get ready to be impressed by our massive stock of knives. Go ahead. Have fun!