Knife Care Tips

Knives have evolved from a prehistoric utility knife (made from stone) to specific utility knives of today. Efficiency of each type of knife (for specific purpose) is increasing day by day with advancement of new technology and ergonomics. As new technologies are introduced in manufacturing knives, you should also take extra care of your knives so that they last long. Knives with extra curves and edges need extra care. Here are some tips and tricks to get some extra edge from your knife.

  1. Do not expose your knife to water for a prolonged period of time. If you are cleaning it, make sure to dry it. No steel is hundred per cent rustproof. Some rusts quickly while some do gradually. It does not mean that if you have a good quality steel knife you can be careless. It is wise to make your knife durable by keeping it dry as much as possible.
  2. Apply oil for making it rust free. Any household oil is appropriate for applying on knife. Oil cuts the contact of steel with water and thus prevents it from rusting. You should note that the places near sea have a high humidity content in atmosphere (air) mixed with various salt particles. And these areas are highly prone to get rust on metals. Salt water increases the rusting rate of metals. Make sure that your knife is oiled properly if you live in such area. Knives should have a thin layer of oil otherwise they would collect a comparatively larger amount of dust.
  3. Corners, screws and bending in knives like pocket knife, butterfly knife and other foldable knives should be oiled frequently. The constricted corners in these knives are more prone to rust than the other parts. Never leave these types of knives closed or open for a long time as they could be jammed with rust. Keep using them (opening and closing), and oil them frequently.
  4. Do not ever clean your knife with abrasives like sand paper to make it look clean and shiny. It will make it look more dull than shiny. Make sure to protect the tip of your knife. If it gets damaged nothing can be done to fix it.
  5. If you live in a dry place apply proper sheathing to your knife. This will protect it from getting scratches and edges getting damaged. However, if you live in a moist place sheaths like leather can introduce moisture to your knife and make it rust. So don’t do this. Following these tips can make your knife long last.