Knife Handle Materials

Innumerable handle materials are available for knives. The one you choose primarily depends upon your personal choice. Each and every material used for knife handles have different features and properties. Some are indestructible, flame proof, smooth and many more depending upon their chemical composition. Here is a list of some knife handle materials commonly used:

Aluminium: Knives having aluminum handle are light and easy to carry. They are rust proof and durable in nature.

Carbon fibre: It consists of thin carbon fibres firmly woven in various pile patterns. Handle made from this material offers great look and is strong as well.

Cord: It consists of around nine cords held by a nylon cover from outside. This provides strength as well as longevity to the handle. It is used generally for throwing purposes like in dart playing.

G10: Considered as a crusader in the field of knives. Durability is what makes this handle gain a superhero status. It is made from sheets of fiberglass which is drenched in resins, then compressed and scorched. It does not allow moisture to enter through it and holds stability during climate change.

Kydex: It is made of both acrylic and PVC in equal composition. Due to this composition, it is fire resistant and can bear strong impact as well as any chemical change.

Leather: Old is gold! True. Leather gives a feel of old days with fixed blades but is less resistant to wear. It does not last long.

Micarta: It is made by intermolecular bonding between epoxy resins. It is light weight and durable in nature. It comes in the form of sheet and then is cut into the shape of handle depending upon the size.

Plastic: Knives handle made from plastic are cheap in nature. Generally this is preferred when kydex or zytel, which are patented material, cannot be used.

Rubber: Rubber handles provide a firm grip over the knife and can be used under wet or oily condition.

Bone or horn: This imparts a traditional look to knife. Beauty and value is reflected when handles are made from this material but it does not provide strength and grip to blades.

Steel: Provides strength but lacks in grip. It cannot be used when the weather is cool or hot as steel is a good absorber.

Titanium: Handle made from titanium is light in weight and is elastic in nature. It is considered as a modern day material for handle making. It is non-magnetic in nature and is resistant to corrosion.

Wood: wooden handle provides good grip and feels good to hold. Rosewood, burl wood and iron wood are popularly used. Wooden handle imparts exotic look to a knife.

Apart from these materials combination of material such as metal with rubber can be used. Thus look as well as strength can be achieved.