Knife Information

Knives are multipurpose tools and can be used as kitchen accessory or sports equipment. In addition, this humble tool also has several other uses like protecting oneself and hunting. They are also used in agriculture for cutting. A large variety of knives are available today.

Knife History

History of knives date back to two and half to three million years. In pre-historic times, knives were used as a tool to cut various things. Early knives were made from bones and rocks. With changing times and evolution of technology, production of knives underwent a drastic change. Today knives are manufactured from iron, steel, bronze and other metals. Knife can be rightly described as the first tool ever known to man. In many cultures knives have a religious significance. Read complete Knife History.

Canadian Knife Laws

As per the Canadian law, a knife that comes with a blade and gets opened by gravity or hand pressure is prohibited. Switch blades, butterfly knives, push daggers, etc. fall in the category of prohibited weapons. Unauthorized possession of such prohibited weapons can lead to five years of imprisonment. The weapon will be confiscated by the law enforcement officer. There is no restriction on the length of the knife. Read more about Canadian Knife Laws.

Knife Buying Guide

When buying a knife, first determine your need. Depending on that you can choose a fixed blade, folding or a sliding blade knife. Other factors that you need to consider are brand, price, materials, features and construction. Browse online and select a knife of your choice from a reliable store and place your order. You can browse through and buy a good knife of your choice. We believe in providing customers with nothing but the best quality at the right price. Read complete Knife Buying Guide.

Knife Sharpening Tools

To sharpen a knife, you need to grind it against a hard and rough surface, such as stone. Sandpaper can also be used for knife sharpening. There are so many knife sharpening tools available these days that are easy to use and effective. You can buy from a plethora of knife sharpening tools available with us. These high quality sharpeners will help you keep your knife in top form. Read more about Knife Sharpening Tools.

Knife Care

Knives are useful tools and need proper care if you want them to last long. Knives with extra curves and edges need extra care. Ensure that you clean and oil them on the regular basis. After your every use, ensure that you properly pack it. Useful tips and tricks for knife care will help. Read more about Knife Care.

Knife Handle Materials

Countless options are available in knife handle materials. Every material has its own pros and cons. You get knife handles made from aluminum, leather, carbon fibre, micarta and many others. Some are more durable than others while some are more lightweight. Read more about Knife Handle Materials.

Knife Blade Materials

Knife blades are made from several materials. The most common and popular knife blade materials are carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy of various steels. Plastic and ceramic are some other blade materials that are used. Read more about Knife Blade Materials.