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CRKT Terzuola Hwy Rescue Knife Sheeps Foot

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Designed as a utility knife for emergency professionals, this is an at-the-ready fixed blade equipped with life-saving extras. Mow through belt straps, break glass, open oxygen tank valves, save lives. The skeletonized handle and stainless steel blade feature a bead blast finish and are strong and lightweight. The handle incorporates an 02 wrench for taking on valves when time gets tight and you need to release the oxygen. The sheath features a passenger side window glass-breaker for making an impact when time is running out. The durable glass-reinforced nylon sheath is also equipped with an industrial strength Velcro back and a seat belt strap cutter with two replacement blades. Attach the Terzoula HWY Rescue Knife to the front of your kit and get the peace of mind that you’re ready for whatever an emergency situation can serve up.