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CRKT TSR Terzuola Survival Knife Fixed Blade

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The TSR (Terzuola Survival Rescue) is more than just a fixed blade outdoor knife, its handle comes with a powerful secret in the form of an entire survival kit. The modified drop point blade has a clean satin finish. There’s a small hole bored into the base so that it can be attached to a wooden shaft and become a hunting spear if needed. The stainless steel tang is hollow and the glass reinforced nylon handles can be easily removed to reveal fishing line, fishing hooks, and dental floss, which is surprisingly useful and versatile when you find yourself in a backwoods pinch. No space on the injection-molded sheath is wasted. It comes with extra paracord for wrapping, a ceramic sharpening edge, and a magnesium edge to help start fires when the temperature drops. Lastly, one panel on the inside of the sheath has a reflective stainless steel plate for signaling aircraft or approaching parties when you need to get bailed out.