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Gil Hibben Gen 2 Pro Thrower Axe

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A thrower axe is a handheld tool with a sharp edge that was primarily made with one piece construction of 420 stainless steel and it is a two edged axe. It looks great, and silver in color with good shining. This great knife features in ergonomic handle design that guides the hand into the same consistent and accurate release each time they thrown.The overall length of the thrower axe is 10-3/16-Inch with 3/16-Inch blade thickness. It is perfectly manufactured to balance the double axe head and a trigger-grip handle for accurate release. This pro thrower axe is handy for intermediate or advanced level throwers. This Gen 2 Pro thrower axe is available with a black nylon leather sheath for ease of storage and convenience. The great factor in them is that they are substantial.