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Ka-Bar 2-5598-4 Adventure Baconmaker Folding Knife

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The Ka-Bar Adventure Baconmaker Folding Knife is a small version of the big Baconmaker. The Aus 8a Stainless Steel cutting edge characteristics a stretched cut focus consolidated with a slight recurve to make a perfect all around working knife. This knife is the freshest in Kabar's Johnson Adventure Blades arrangement. Overall Length of Adventure Baconmaker Folder is 7-7/8" while the blade length is 3-3/8". The outline of the well known Baconmaker altered razor sharp edge blade has been reproduced into this new Baconmaker lockback envelope. The Baconmaker - the more forceful Adventure cutting edge - is perfect for swine chasing. Made from AUS 8 stainless steel, this mammoth is manufactured to withstand any misuse and never come up short. The empty ground sharpened steel looks after razor sharpness while the blade's general geometry gives best pushing power.