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Ka-Bar 2-5704-9 Original Zombie Chop Stick Machete

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KA-BAR Zombie "Chop Stick" Fixed Blade Knife 2-5704-9 is a huge, uniquely-shaped machete that will cut through any obstacle, whether it's rotting zombie flesh or stubborn brush. This KA-BAR knife features an innovative, machete-style chopper blade that's nine inches long, made from SK5 stainless steel, flat ground into 0.205 inch-thick plain edge, and tipped with a sharp vertical spike tip. KABAR Zombie Chop Stick Plain Edge Machete has an ergonomic, slip-resistant GFN-PA66 handle in a bright toxic green color, and the knife comes with an extra set of black scales if you'd like to be a little more subtle while you're clearing your camp site (or the undead). KA-BAR has packaged the Chop Stick with the compact KABAR Acheron Skeleton Knife for a last line of defense against the undead hordes, and it comes with a tough nylon sheath to make the machete easier to carry when you're on the run.