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Ka-Bar Becker Scales Handle - Black & Orange

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    These durable Zytel handles will fit the Becker Eskabar BK14. Kit includes one set each black and blaze orange handles. Allen Wrench size: 7/64.
    The KA-BAR Becker Handle Scale Kits allow users to upgrade the look and feel of their KA-BAR Becker knives. Durable and lightweight zytel scales are available for the Eskabar and D'Eskabar.
    Full size and Short Becker Scale kits use existing hardware, while the Becker Necker Micarta and Becker Eskabar Zytel kits include hex screws and nuts for mounting.
    Zytel scales come in a pack with two black and two orange scales, allowing users to choose which color they want-or even use both.
    This handle fits the Becker Eskabar and D'Eskabar.