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Schrade Full Tang Tactical Hatchet

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Chop away any obstacle with the Schrade SK5 Steel Tactical Hatchet. This useful tool is lightweight and great to keep in your car for emergencies. The 3.1” black blade is made of SK5 High Carbon Steel with a powder coating. Razor sharp, this blade is no joke. A spiked pommel on the opposite side of blade makes it easy to split wood and complete other brute force tasks, while the small pry-bar on the end of the handle can be used to remove nails. The full tang body measures 12.9” in overall length, and features a glass-filled nylon fiber handle. Nylon sheath is included.

Why choose this hatchet?

  • Lightweight tool is portable and easy to store
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle has ergonomic scales for enhanced grip in all conditions
  • Spiked pommel makes a great glass-breaker
  • Small pry bar can be used as a nail-puller or in emergency situations
  • Includes a nylon belt sheath with button closure for easy carry

Why not?

  • Small tool may not have the same striking power as an axe
  • Sheath is not MOLLE compatible

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Pro Tip:
A pommel is an enlarged fixture on the end of a knife, sword, or hatchet. Not only does it provide decoration and prevent a weapon from slipping out of the hand, but it can also serve as a secondary line of self-defense. Throughout history a variety of pommel shapes and sizes have appeared on the end of weapons.