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Spyderco Manbug Black FRN Spyder Edge Folding Knife

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Designed by Spyderco’s founder, Sal Glesser, the Manbug FRN SpyderEdge Folding Knife from Spyderco is built for the man who would rather not hang around with a blade called “Ladybug”. Designed for larger hands of men, it is a potent tool for cutting and features a SpyderEdge. It is clipless, sporting a lanyard hole along with a David Boyle dent. Along with spine jimping, it also supports an enlarged Spyderco round hole and featuring a hollow ground blade. The handle comes with a smooth polish. It has a beautiful finish all over and properly rounded edges of handle, which is also molded with bi-directional texturing which helps to avoid slipping in the hand. It is extremely light in weight at 0.8 ounces. And yes, it comes in black.