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Spyderco Manix2 XL Black G-10 Plain Edge Folding Knife

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Presenting the Manix2 series XL Black G-10 Plain Edge Folding Knife from Spyderco. The blade can be opened using the Ball Bearing Lock system patented by Spyderco. The round ball bearing allows the lock to self adjust across a large surface, smoothly and consistently locking up with solid confidence. The steel ball-bearing in free-float mode is enclosed in a cage made of polymer. The blade used is CPM-S30V, and has been ground full-flat and has jimping above the over-sized 14mm Spyderco round hole. This jimping texture continues from the blade’s spine to the full-length skeletonized steel liners. The liners inside the G-10 handle create a scalloped pattern around the handle’s borders for additional grip by extending beyond the scales. A three-screw clip can be positioned ambidextrously, tip-up for comfort and pocket carry. The knife also has a large lanyard pipe to protect various types of cords or thongs.