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Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge

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Sage pattern of cutting knife series are well-designed and eternal products. The Spyderco Sage Carbon Fibre Plain Edge is the Spyderco product which is initiated with sagacious and perceptive designs. Eventually, the entire series of sage knifes contribute to almost the same outline and character. It is in fact different in provisions of their weighing machines and their bolt types. It is created with Linerlock and ball bearing detent method of locking to open a folding knife. It pairs together a drop-point shaped CPM-S30V blade with a twill-woven carbon fiber handle and Linerlock. The overall length is 181mm and blade length is 76mm. It weighs only 3.2 oz.This carbon strand plain edge device is easy to handle and use. Design is incredible and is very demanding to hold. It makes your cutting sharper and uncomplicated. Get this brand new product in reasonable rates. You have to spend just about $ 99.95 for this series.