Canadian Knife Law

Knives are used in large number of situations as compared to other tools. You can use them in agriculture, surgery, carving, and cutting, etc. apart from using them as weapons. No matter how efficiently knives are classified as utensils, tools for specific situations, surgical tools and weapons, each and every knife can prove to be accidental, accidentally or intentionally. This property of any sharp edged metal (e.g. knife) makes it a potential weapon. The problem with knife is that, it is available almost everywhere because of its wide use. Thus, any person with criminal tendencies can use it against anyone he wants to harm. Considering these issues some countries like UK, USA, China, Canada, Germany, Japan, etc. have been compelled to make serious constitutional legislations against the use of knife as a weapon.

Canada has defined some types of knives in the category of weapons. As a weapon, using a knife is prohibited unless one has been granted exemption by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police via Canadian Firearms Program. First of all, let us come to the definition of knife as a weapon according to CCC (Criminal Code of Canada).

Section 84(1) of CCC considers certain types of knives as a type of prohibited weapon other than firearms and the definition of such knives is given as any knife with blade which opens by button or spring or centrifugal force or by gravity.

Now let us come to the law against firearms and prohibited weapons of CCC.

According to Section 89(1), a person cannot carry any prohibited weapon in a public meeting. Section 90(1) states that unless authorized by the Firearms act to carry a prohibited weapon concealed, one cannot carry it concealed. This means that you cannot carry such knives in public meeting even by chance. And if you are carrying any such knife in your pocket or backpack like pocket knife or any other, it would be considered as  breach of law as you are concealing a prohibited weapon in your possession (knowingly or unknowingly).

So, if you are planning to or heading for Canada, make sure that you are aware of these laws. Carrying any such knife that comes under prohibited weapons category can lead to a maximum of 5 years of jail in Canada. It is better to visit a local police station and consult with an officer to have a clear idea about the list of knives and situations in which they are prohibited.