Knife Buying Guide

A knife is one of the most important tools used in everyday life and during adventure trips. Whenever you go for hiking, camping and climbing, etc., it the best tool to carry. Out of the large varieties of household tools, knife is the most versatile of all of them. It has varied applications, like it is used in kitchen, during adventure trips, in agriculture, for law enforcement, for carving woods and much more.

It is necessary for you to do some research before buying a specific knife. There are few points like quality of material, ergonomics, specification and your choice that you should consider when buying a particular knife. Consider these tips to choose the best knife.

Quality of knife

Steel is the best material for making affordable knives. The recent technologies have added to the efficiency further. The carbon content in steel is the key factor of its hardness and toughness. More the carbon content in steel harder it is. 154CM and BG-42 are the examples of high carbon content steel. The most rigid edge steel available today is S30V. ‘V’ in S30V is for the fact that it is a high vanadium content stainless steel. 420HC has a good rigidness in edge but it is first-rate for rust-resistance.

Beside knife's material, handles also matter. For better grip, textured or rubber finish on handle is the best. A cheap alternative that ensures durability of handle with high value for money is the plastic one. But if you want to have a knife with classic build you should get one with a wooden handle.


Ergonomics of a product ensures a better usage with perfect handling and grip in the design. For cutting tough materials like wood, thick rope, etc. the knife should have a thick blade. Choose pocket knives that are lightweight as they are easy to carry. Make sure that you are getting a straight or serrated edge knife depending on situations of your usage. For wood or steak cutting you should have a serrated edged knife while for kitchen or table use you should have a straight edged knife. Size of the handle should also be checked as it must fit correctly in your hand.

Purpose of knife

Most important factor for buying a knife is your purpose. Check for knives which can be used in multiple situations. This will get you a great value for money. Make sure that the knife buy serves its purpose perfectly. Below are a few examples of specific knives.
Table knife – for eating
Steak knife – for cutting steak
Pocket knife – for urgent but small use anywhere
Rescue knife – for fire or rescue situations
Switch-blade knife – for law enforcement and military purpose
Gutting knife – for field dress game or cleaning out
For a complete range of knives, it is better to search knives on online stores. There you can get also get a better idea with genuine reviews from buyers.