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United Cutlery V42 Stiletto Limited Edition

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United Cutlery V42 Stiletto Limited Edition is designed as a tribute to Col. Aaron Bank. This wonderful danger is manufactured in China. Each dagger measures 12-1/4 inches in overall length and the blade measures 7-1/4 inches. Each blade is a masterpiece and is extremely sharp. Each dagger offers a razor-sharp, double edged stiletto blade that pierces through even tough materials with ease. Thumb notches are cast into the handle above the guard to keep the knife from slipping when wet or wearing gloves. The handle has a stacked leather casing that provides it superior grip. Leather stacking enables the knife to be used even in the most harsh weather. Since this is a collector’s item, each piece is laser-serialized and etched with S.O.A shield. etched onto it.