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Zero Tolerance 0562CF Hinderer Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

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The cousin of the 0562, this ZT features the same special Rick Hinderer flat-ground “slicer” grind that provides both slicing efficiency and a tough point, but on a Böhler M390 powdered steel blade. With a high chromium and vanadium content, M390 offers good wear resistance with excellent corrosion resistance. This powdered metallurgy stainless steel takes a razor edge and holds it well. It can also be polished to a mirror finish and is very tough. The 0562CF’s handle has a carbon fiber front scale and stonewashed titanium back. For secure lock up during use, ZT uses a frame lock with hardened steel lockbar inserts and lockbar stabilization. Newer versions of this knife are made with the brand new Carpenter CPM-20CV steel which has slightly more tungsten and manganese.