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Avalanche Folding Take Down Survival Crossbow - 150lb

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This Avalanche folding tactical crossbow is a great crossbow for hunting and target practice. It offers locking, hinged fiberglass bow limbs which fold for compact transport. The aluminum frame is wrapped in a black synthetic stock to withstand moderate impacts and the fiberglass bow has a 10" power stroke with a 150-lb draw weight. This crossbow delivers a 16" aluminum arrow at speeds of up to 165 fps. It has a mounting rail for adding a scope or red-dot sight and includes adjustable sights for precision aiming.


  • This is a great crossbow for hunting or target shooting
  • Aluminum frame wrapped in synthetic stock
  • 150-lb draw weight; speed up to 165 fps
  • Fiberglass bow with 10" power stroke
  • Mounting rail for adding scope or sight
  • Includes adjustable sights