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Buy Low Cost Training Dagger, Italian Dagger, Dagger Knife & More

We sell a wide range of daggers ranging from Cold Steel training daggers to Cold Steel war daggers at discounted rates. These daggers are from top dagger manufacturers and are designed with utmost care and precision. They come with strong handles for a comfortable grip and sharp lightweight blades for smooth functioning. So, you can easily practice your sword moves without getting injured.

They are made of highly durable materials, are fully rust resistant, waterproof and weatherproof. You can find daggers with different kinds of blades; and you can choose the 13 inch medium dagger or for heavy practice, you can choose the 36inch normal steel swords. You can also buy a leather sheath for your dagger.

All our daggers and swords come with lifetime warranty. We offer free shipping to our customers across the USA and Canada if order cost is above $150 and $250 respectively. Order your dagger today!

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