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Choose the best quality designer sword cane from Mr. Knife

You can use a sword stick as a fashion accessory or as a weapon for self defense. Here at, you can find various types of sword canes, which are designed with various features. They are affordable, durable, long lasting, and rustproof, and also you do not need worry about their maintenance.

You can choose from our collection of Cold Steel pistol grip sword cranes which come with a carbon steel long blade and a carbon fiber shaft for easy gripping. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Apart from that, we also offer aluminum head sword cane, golden crafted sword cane, Cold Steel Sword Cane, ball tip sword cane and United Cutlery sword cane sourced from top class manufacturers.

These sword canes come in several finished and color handles like silver, black, golden, and wood. So to buy the most stylish, sharp edge, and sturdy sword cane, you can browse through our exclusive online knife store.

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