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We offer you high performing axes from various top brands. You can now chop deeper and get more work done with a single strike. We stock ergonomically designed, high-impact, heavy duty axes that perform extremely well and make the most in every swing. Be it felling trees or whipping and chopping of logs, you can get all your work done faster and more efficiently with these powerful tools.

Most of the axes are of high quality and have uniform weight distribution among its length which helps optimize power to weight ratio. This increases swing speed of the axe to multiply power. All the axes we sell undergo stringent quality process to ensure you get nothing but the best. The axes are crafted with grinding technique due to which the blades have a sharper edge for those cleaner cuts. This also enables the blades to remain sharp for longer durations.

The handles of these axes are made of superior fabricated steel, which makes them almost impossible to break. Place you order today!

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Gerber Myth Folding Saw

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Gerber XL Green Axe II

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Gerber Myth Hatchet

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Ontario SP16 Spaxa

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