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Clearwater GFN and Rubber Overmold Handle Fillet Knife

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For the ones that didn't get away, you're going to need a good fillet knife. The Kershaw 7-in. Fillet is perfect for filleting medium-to-larger fish with ease and The Kershaw 9-in. Fillet is perfect for filleting larger fish with ease.

The blade is made of Japanese 420J2 stainless steel with just the right degree of flex to make the job of filleting simple. This “softer” steel enables the blade to bend without breaking so that it moves easily through the body of the fish to give you the ideal fillet. Plus, the steel is highly corrosion resistant—always important when you're working around water.

The handle is durable and contoured for filleting comfort. Neon highlights in the handle make it easy to spot in a marine environment—while still looking good with a basic black handle. The co-polymer handle material provides an excellent grip and its soft-yet-firm texture makes the job of filleting even a large catch less fatiguing. The design of the handle, with its central contour and hand protectors at both ends fit the hand and helps it lock in for an extra-comfortable grip.

The Kershaw Fillet locks into its own ABS sheath for secure storage or easy belt carry.


Includes molded sheath with belt loop
Steel: 420J2, satin finish
Handle: Co-polymer