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Cold Steel City Stick - 91STA

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These classy walking sticks are just as at-home at the opera as they are on a stroll through the urban jungle! Our City Sticks are made out of eleven layers of super-tough fiberglass which, in our impact tests, proved to be astonishingly durable. Our City Sticks are topped with a mirror polished 6160 Aluminum head. Choose between the classic standard “scent stopper” head, or our pistol grip style - which is designed to fit ones hand like a 17th century pistol butt. Both heads are also removable so that they can be easily engraved or modified to suit your tastes. The base of each of our City Sticks are fitted with a thick, rubber non-slip ferrule.


  • Overall: 37 5/8"
  • Steel / Material: 11 Layer Fiberglass shaft. 6160 Aluminum head.