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Cold Steel Warriors Edge DVD Set

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Combining techniques gleaned from his years of experience in Western Fencing, Lameco Escrima, Balicki / Inosanto Lineage Filipino Martial Arts, Japanese Ken Jitsu, and Western Boxing, The Warriors Edge is Lynn C Thompson’s first instructional DVD series on the principals of knife fighting. Covering: Principals of Long Range Knife Fighting: Ranges Types of Knives Concealing a knife. Training Tools Grip On-Guard Stance Footwork Thrusts & Slashes: The rake, speed jab, power stab, and épée thrust Elliptical and circular stabbing methods How to slash cut, chop, snap cut, vertical whip and more Angles of attack. Defensive footwork & evasion techniques Defending against attacks on your knife hand Using the edge defensively Empty hand techniques The concept of Mai (judging distance) How to recognize and exploit common openings or weaknesses in your opponent’s defense Principles of creating openings Training Drills & Sparring Sparring instruction and demonstrations