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CRKT Field Strip Homefront Hunter Folding Knife

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It might look like Daniel Boone’s classic hunting folder, but it’s got an impressive secret. The Homefront Hunter is among the first in our fleet to feature “Field Strip” technology. This in-field, no-tool take apart capability lets you purge your most reliable companion of whatever mud, blood, or grit you may encounter right where you are, without having to step foot back in civilization. From his shop in Kaneohe, HI, Ken Onion designed the Homefront Hunter to reflect both vintage WWII military styling and complex, effective hunting camouflage. The lug-style flipper sets off the smooth open action of the stainless steel blade, while tank jimping on the backstrap sits snugly against your palm. The big-bellied blade is ideal for long, sweeping swipes when you’re field dressing your kill. It stands up to the looks of your grandpa’s old hunting folder, and it sure as hell stands up to any job it encounters. The handles are made of glass-reinforced nylon and have a Realtree Xtra Camo pattern so realistic, you’ll be afraid of rustling leaves when you get your hands on it.