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CRKT Fossil Black Compact Folding Knife Clip Point

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The Fossil Black Compact comes from designer Flavio Ikoma of Presidente Prudente, Brazil. The knife has a distinctly prehistoric look, but it goes through jobs like a T-Rex on stainless steel steroids courtesy of a clip point blade that makes anything in its path history. This one-of-a-kind compact pocket knife features the IKBS ball bearing pivot system combined with an opening flipper, resulting in smooth and fast blade deployment. A thumb hole cutout in the blade gives you a second option for opening the knife. The flipper also turns into a handsome finger guard when the blade is open. While the Fossil Black Compact is hardcore on the inside, it’s gorgeous on the outside. The handles are made of stainless steel with a unique hammered finish. Contoured black G10 handle overlays make it look like a gator, but the blade won’t come down and bite you in the open position thanks to a frame lock.