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CRKT Strafe Fixed Blade Knife Stonewash

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The Strafe tactical fixed blade is born of both an admiration for sleek Japanese designs and a fascination with U.S. military combat blades. Lucas Burnley of Albuquerque, New Mexico built the Strafe to be the ultimate modern field knife with traditional, classic undertones. It’s first and foremost a field utility knife, but it’ll always be there to run sweep. The lean, angular blade shape is rooted in Japanese tanto heritage and finished with a sleek stonewash finish. When matched with a diamond cross section grip and shadow boxed scales, it looks like a relic fit for a display case, but this is a powerful and capable beast that doesn’t belong in a cage. The tough polypropylene sheath features a J-hook accessory so it remains poised and ready at all times. In a combat situation, every second counts. The sleek, swift Strafe eats milliseconds for breakfast.