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CRKT Vox Snailor Compact Multi-tool

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This small drinking buddy is your go-anywhere companion.

With the Snailor™ Compact on your key ring, you’ll be prepared for more than just key locks. It’s a keyring-gone-bottle-opener, and it’s gained such a following that Jesper Voxnaes can no longer keep up with demand on his own. If you’re the type to always have an everyday carry on hand, then the Snailor™ belongs in your pocket along with it.

Jesper Voxnaes of Loegstrup, Denmark is the designer behind the Snailor™ and almost overnight, the fan base has simply exploded. Though Jesper is known best for his clean, Nordic knife designs, the Snailor™ Compact is a friendly experiment in the versatility of, utility accessories. It’s crafted with stain-less steel and fits neatly on a key ring.

Make a snappy addition to your daily go-tos with the Snailor Compact.


Blade Steel: 304 SS
Blade Finish: Sandblast
Weight: 0.2 oz (5.67g)
Style: Accessory
Overall Length: 1.691" (42.95 mm)