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Punisher Skull Head Throwing Knife Set w/Sheath - 6.5'

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Super sharp, tip point blade. Stainless Steel material creates a lifetime of target practice & endurance. As you look at the spine of the blade it features a false upper edge and drop-point profile. These high-impact throwing knives will pierce straight through an aluminum can. A middle-balanced blade, making a powerful impact with precision and speed at every throw. Attach a tassel to tune these knives to your throwing style. In addition, comes with a nylon throwing knife sheath that attaches to your belt easily ideal for outdoor adventures. Superior craftsmanship provides an ergonomic design and smooth functionality.


1. Overall Length: 6 Inches
2. 3PC Set w/ Sheath
3. Blade: Stainless steel with a sharp tip point


1. Punisher pattern
2. Thick Nylon Sheath, attach to belt
3. Speed / Precision Balanced / Perfect Accuracy / High Impact / Flexibility