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S.P.I.T. w/Sheath Fixed Knife Lightweight

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A good knife doesn’t need to be complicated. The CRKT SPIT (Small. Pocket. Inverted. Tanto.) is a variation of the interestingly named CRKT SPEW (Small. Pocket. Everyday. Wharncliffe.), designed by Alan Folts of Melbourne, Florida. With a shorter fixed blade than its cousin, the S.P.I.T. features enhanced portability, but it keeps the large handle for extra leverage when cutting.A designer and dedicated custom knife instructor with over 20 years’ experience, Alan cares deeply about helping folks learn about knives as tools, and passing along the skills of custom knife making to others. He designed the S.P.I.T. as a simple, versatile blade and gave it a carry sheath for easy portability, so it’s on hand when you need it most.Made with a needle-sharp tip, the S.P.I.T. takes advantage of what Inverse Tanto blades do best: slicing, piercing, and fine detail work. The 2.3-inch blade is easy to sharpen thanks to high-carbon steel, which is then finished in both satin and stonewash for an eye-grabbing duotone appearance that shows this knife means business. The bright orange G10 handle offers both a sturdy grip and makes sure you can locate the knife easily in your shop, gear bag, or wherever you leave it. In short, it’s a minimalist knife with maximalist usability.