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Spyderco Lum Chinese Nishigun Glass Fiber Plain Edge Folding Knife

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Presenting the Lum Chinese Nishijin Glass Fiber Plain Edge Folding Knife from Spyderco. It supports the famous “Chinese Folder” which was customized by legendary knife maker Bob Lums’s. This folding knife is made with a glass fiber handle that is constructed using glass and carbon Inside the Nishijin handle scales, there are full-length liners and a Michael Walker LinerLock. The blade is wider at one end, tapering to a point like a leaf and offers a pointed tip for detailed, precise cutting and plenty of width across the blade for serious cutting chores. The VG-10 steel blade is full flat-ground with a PlainEdge cutting edge and a swedge ground from the spine adding style and lessening overall weight. A black three-screw metal clip that carries the folder right-handed with a tip-up/tip-down orientation.