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United Cutlery Metal Glo Premium Polishing Paste For Knives Swords And Tools

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United Cutlery Metal Glo polish is a very useful and great product available for everyday use. This product is perfect for cleaning, polishing and protection of any metallic surface and tools. It is available in tubes to be carried to the places where we go. The product removes tarnish, oxidation, surface rust, water spots, tars and oils, and leaves a brilliant protective coating that lasts for months. It is a must have for all your knives, swords and tools as this will keep them new and shinning. It cleans brass, silver, gold, copper, pewter, nickel,aluminium, stainless steel and many other hard, non-porous surfaces such as porcelain, fiberglass, plexiglass and painted surfaces. It si available in 1.75 ounces tube and is ideal for keeping your knives and axes in top shape. It is made in USA.