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USMC Desert Sand Kukri Knife with Nylon Sheath

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US Marines are always ready for action, no matter the perils and pitfalls in their path. Barren, scorching deserts, untamed, impenetrable jungles – it’s all in a day’s walk for these brave warriors. Likewise, the officially licensed USMC Desert Sand Kukri can hack, slash, chop and cleave its way through anything, performing with strength and stamina rivaling that of a Marine. The 11 1/2" stonewashed 3Cr13 stainless steel blade retains its razor sharp edge through even the harshest conditions and most punishing cutting jobs. And it’s a pleasure to wield through it all, thanks to ideal weight distribution and impact absorbing G10 handle. Made of heavy duty, moisture-wicking nylon, the sheath is equally tough – withstanding thorns, briers and other back country hazards without fraying or tearing. “USMC” is emblazoned in white on both sheath and blade. Best of all, the Desert Sand Kukri represents an extraordinary value, easily outperforming machetes priced two and three times higher!