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Cold Steel 92BKD Training Dagger

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Martial Artists have known a simple truth for ages – If your ultimate goal is to wield a sharp blade safely and effectively, you need to supplement your training with a tool that approximates the size, feel and heft of a blade, yet minimizes the possibility of causing grievous, permanent injury to yourself or your training partner. This concept was implemented by many cultures, including the ancient Romans, who used wooden swords to train their Gladiators. The only problem was that wooden training tools can rot, crack, chip or splinter and could not be used in all weather conditions. Cold Steel’s solution to these dilemmas was to design a line of synthetic polymer substitutes. Low in cost and unaffected by all but the most extreme temperatures, they are waterproof, weatherproof and astonishingly durable.


  • Blade Length: 13"
  • Overall Length: 20"
  • Weight: 12.3 oz
  • Handle: 7" Long
  • Material: Polypropylene