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Cold Steel Swords, Kung Fu Swords, Martial Arts Swords & More

If swords and daggers attract you, you are at the right place. We have a wide selection of these collectors’ item that you can use for displaying in homes or even use daily. However, you need to practice a lot if you want to use them; and for this you need to choose the best quality swords for your training. Mr.Knife is the right place for all kinds of swords, machetes, daggers, and knives from renowned brands.

Whether it is a half sword, such as a half dagger with a leather handle or a long sword with 33 inch long blade, you can buy all kinds of swords at Mr.Knife. We also offer wood handle swords and most of these handles are covered with nylon and leather jackets. Apart from that, these swords are designed with long length steel blades, and you need to choose carefully.

You can find flat bottom sword, high and narrow precision swords, lightweight daggers, heavy-duty swords, cold steel plypropylene swords, Kung Fu 33 inch Hook swords and many other varieties of swords at our online knives and swords store. So when you need to buy swords, you need not look any further, simply browse through our website and get the sword that fits your budget and needs.

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Ontario Econo Machete

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