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Cold Steel Kukri Plus Black Machete with Sheath

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The Cold Steel Kukri Plus Machete features the same wide, curved blade that makes our Kukris capable of delivering the kind of performance that’s the envy of many swords or bushcraft tools, but with the addition of an integral solid steel guard for added protection and safety. Its full tang is completely encapsulated in a comfortable and durable polypropylene handle that has been ergonomically designed for comfort and safety, allowing you to keep a secure grip on the Machete even in the most inclement conditions. Featuring a rust resistant baked on matte black coating, the fully sharpened and expertly tempered 1055 Carbon Steel blade is safely and securely carried in a sturdy Cor-Ex sheath.


  • Weight: 20 oz.
  • Overall: 18"
  • Sheath: Cor-Ex
  • Thickness: 2.8mm
  • Blade Length: 13"
  • Handle: 5" Long Polypropylene
  • Steel / Material: 1055 Carbon Steel with Black Baked-On Anti Rust Matte Finish