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Cold Steel Training Dull Edge Saber

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The Cold Steel Training Saber is the perfect practice sword for fencers and practitioners of historical European martial arts. This saber boasts a deeply curved blunt 1065 carbon steel blade and a wire-bound leather handle. The 81.28 cm (32 in) blade is long enough that it can be used for traditional saber duelling, yet short enough that it can also function as a military saber. The swept steel D-guard protects your hand while also giving the saber some heft to give it a well-balanced weight.


Edge Type: dull
Blade Material: 1065 carbon steel
Overall Length: 95.89 cm (37.75 in)
Blade Length: 81.28 cm (32 in)
Blade Shape: saber
Blade Finish: satin
Weight: 558.49 g (19.7 oz)
Sheath: not included