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Katana Carbon Steel Blade

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With its sleek samurai style, the Katana looks right at home in the space of a mighty warrior or any fan of Japanese swords. Made from 1045 carbon steel, this decorative sword features the curved blade typical of Japanese swords. A fuller runs down the length of the black electroplated blade.

The blade enters the handle at a brass-colored collar before the double-D-shaped Musashi tsuba. The handle has a cord-wrapped grip. Cord wraps around the white faux-ray skin handle of the samurai sword. Finally, the decorative katana comes with a matching wooden scabbard. This decorative sword adds an elegant touch to any decor. Display the Black Blade Katana in your home or office.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Features a traditional Japanese style
  • Comes with scabbard
  • Great decor piece and collectible