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Slant Tip 1055 Carbon Steel Blade Machete w/ Sheath

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Like our heavier All Terrain Chopper Machetes, the Slant Tip Machetes are designed for sheer cutting and chopping power in any environment! The European style slanted tip packs explosive performance – combining precision cutting, with weight-forward head-heavy chopping power - while the ergonomic polypropylene handle makes it comfortable to use all day, even when working in the toughest terrain. The Slant Tip Machetes are available in 2 sizes with 18” and 21” blades. Each Slant Tip Machete also comes with a durable Cor-Ex sheath.


Weight: 18.4 oz.
Thickness: 2mm
Handle: 5 5/8" Long Polypropylene
Steel / Material: 1055 Carbon Steel with Black Baked-On Anti Rust Matte Finish
Overall: 23 5/8"
Additional Feature: Cor-Ex Sheath