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SOG Flint Camping Tool

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At first glance, the SOG Flint might appear to be just another typical firesteel. However, appearances can be misleading! This firesteel comes packed with additional functionalities.

Included in the handle is an emergency whistle, perfect for signaling your location in a crisis. Attached to the whistle component is a steel firestarter designed to be used with the firesteel. To help initiate a fire swiftly, there's a compartment containing a ball of steel tinder which catches fire quickly, perfect for nurturing those initial sparks into a blaze. Once the steel wool is depleted, you can refill this waterproof compartment with any tinder of your choice. Additionally, there's a carbide glass breaker at the tip of the firesteel. The firesteel also includes a lanyard eye for easy carrying, allowing you to attach it to your keyring or the sheath of your knife.


  • Manufacturer: SOG.
  • Handle Length: 2.16"
  • Overall Length: 4.29"
  • Diameter Steel: 5mm
  • Length Steel: 1.41"
  • Weight: 22g
  • Material Handle: Aluminium.