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MrKnife is one stop shop for all kind of tools which include more than hundred variety of axes, canes, flashlights, spears, more than fifty kinds of tactical pens and many kinds of batons.

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If you are the adventurous kind, you are at the right place. We have must have survival tools for campers, scouts, hunters, hikers and backpackers. So, next time you go out in the wilderness, make sure you are well-equipped with these handy tools.

Our collection consists of axes, canes, flashlights, tactical pens, and spears from brands like Cold Steel, Benchmade, CRKT, Gerber, KA-BAR, Kershaw, M Essentials, Master Cutlery, Ontario Knife Company, Smith & Wesson, SOG Knives, Spyderco, United Cutlery, Gil Hibben Knives and Kit Rae Knives.

You can get everything ranging from budget tools to high end sophisticated knives with MrKnife. MrKnife is a specialist who ships quality tools and that too at affordable prices to Canada and United States. All products from MrKnife come with a lifetime warranty that speaks about the quality of the products.

The tools we sell are useful, low cost, sturdy and ergonomic. They are ideal for campers and hikers. Some of these survival tools like axe can be used for cutting and chopping trees. They are compact and easy to carry hence very convenient. The canes for sale on our store are also quite useful and stylish. Our LED Flashlights are also very useful for campers and don’t let you go astray. Also, if you are looking to buy decorative hunting spears, we have that too. Read complete product information and make an informed decision. Buy Now!

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