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United Cutlery Honshu Tonfa Sword Cane

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This heavy-duty sword cane is a beast when it comes to self-defense. It features a lighting fast blade draw without any clumsy unlocking buttons or unscrewing needed. The unique design has a tonfa styled handle grip, the reverse of a normal walking cane. The handle is gripped under hand like a traditional Asian tonfa, creating a secure non-slip hold for walking and allowing for quick release and thrust-punch of the blade spike. The 16.75-inch blade is a solid spike of cast 2Cr13 stainless steel with a black oxide and satin finish.The cane shaft, handle, and grip are constructed of virtually indestructible fiberglass reinforced nylon, locked together with a rubber O-ring friction lock. The large, non-slip rubber toe can be removed to allow the cane shaft to be shortened to a custom length. Instructions for shortening are included.