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Gear Stock Expandable Baton Holder W/ Swivel Clip-On

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The Expandable Baton Holder with 360° Degree Swivel Clip-On is a versatile accessory designed to securely carry and provide quick access to expandable batons. Crafted with functionality in mind, this holder offers convenience and ease of use for law enforcement personnel and security professionals. Featuring a 360-degree swivel clip-on design, the holder can be attached to belts, gear, or uniforms, allowing for flexible positioning and easy reach. It ensures that the baton is readily available and comfortably positioned for rapid deployment. This holder is a practical solution for maintaining control tools, such as expandable batons, within easy reach while on duty. Its user-friendly design enhances operational efficiency and contributes to effective law enforcement and security operations.

  • Rotates to 18 different angles.
  • Belt loop clip can be adjusted to fit MOLLE gear, military and duty belts.
  • Fits 0.98” to 1.14” (2.5 cm to 2.9 cm) diameter batons.
  • Fits belt width 1.25” to 2.25”.
  • Made from Polymer.