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Buy Low Cost Multipurpose Batons

A baton is an arm length club made of wood, rubber, plastic or metal. It provides ultimate self-defense device. It can also be used in various other ways. We have a large variety of batons from famous brands like Cold Steel, Master Cutlery, Smith & Wesson and United Cutlery. We also offer collapsible and expandable batons.

Most of the batons come in compact size and with a pouch for easy storage and carrying while you travel. The handles of these batons are made ergonomically for anti-skid grip. This feature makes it ideal for runners, walkers and hikers.

We also offer heat treated batons which are made of high-quality steel and hence can withstand any kind of impact. They come in various sizes of 16 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch to suit all kinds of requirements. You can flick these ergonomically designed batons with a simple action of your wrist and deliver powerful blows.

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