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MTech 12-Inch Keyring Expandable Baton

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The Gear Stock 12-inch Steel Expandable Baton is an ideal everyday carry self-defense tool. At just 5.25 inches when closed, it's compact enough to clip on your keyring or store in a pocket for ready access. A slight flick of the wrist expands the baton to 12 inches and holds it in place with friction locks.

Why choose this baton?

  • Pocket-size baton for discreet carry.
  • Full steel construction.
  • The friction lock engages automatically.
  • Textured grip engraved in the handle.
  • Available with keyring end cap for convenient carry.

Why not?

  • The short shaft has less swing power.
  • Does not come with a sheath.


  • Self-defense baton.
  • 12" overall length.
  • 5.25" closed length.
  • Steel construction.
  • Friction lock.
  • Textured handle grip.
  • Keyring end cap.

Pro tip:
The “rapid response strike” is a baton technique used by law enforcement to decrease the time between extending a baton and striking with it. The baton is swung in a 45° arc with a full extension of the arm, opening the baton while en route to its target.